Razer Blackwidow: double tap fix

  Omar Simpson vs Razer

Since few month my Razer Blackwidow (Ultimate edition) was sleeping under my couch. Some keys (eg: Enter) were messing around while using them. I couldn’t fix it, even after calling Razer support and mailing them for about one week.

The problem was that some key were double tapping. So instead of having « a », I had « aa » or sometime « aaaaa ».

Since I did a firmware update (check my previous post to know which one), I thought that it was a software issue. Thus I abandoned and put my keyboard away for a while. This night I took the decision to fix that keyboard once for all.

I read a lot of forum and end up on that one: http://www.overclock.net/t/1393125/double-tapping-issues-with-razer-blackwidow

They suggested to put a bit of alcohol (not Vodka of course). So I went to the shop and ask for a bottle of « high percentage rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol (I’d say 90% or higher) » and follow my established plan !

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Read the whole plan once before doing it.

0) Turn of the keyboard (remove from USB slot).
1) Remove the key from the switch (DO NOT FORCE IT, do this operation slowly like if you were in bed with … anyway… with what you want).
ADVICE:  memorize how to put it back >_<
2) Press the switch with a knife or something very thin.


3) Open the bottle of alcohol, and put a small nut of it in a coffee spoon (DON’T PUT TO MUCH, I know you like alcohol but be careful).
4) Put the alcohol into the switch and wait 5 sec. Spam the key slowly (interval of 1 second)  so that the switch will clean by itself for about 1 minute.
5) Put the key back. This is very important: DON’T FORCE. It took my 30 minutes to figure out how to put the ENTER key back on the switch (since I didn’t memorized how to do it while I removed it from the keyboard). And it should be very easy. Again… don’t force. If you need to force: it means that you’re doing it in the wrong way !
6) It should be fixed !

Tada !!! My keyboard is working like a charm !!!

PS: this problem is not related to Razer, well a small part of the responsibility is but all mechanical keyboard behave the same.


  1. Thanks for the guide! It worked 🙂
    Just bought a mechanical keyboard and the ‘S’ key was double tapping after 2 months using it. But now it works like a charm 😀

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