Si vous souhaitez un hébergement ou un nouveau site web, merci de prendre contacte avec un administrateur:

Yves Lange (at)


  • Design, conception graphique.
  • Création de site web dynamique.
  • Création de panneau d’administration.
  • Gestion des statistiques et revenus.
  • Mise en place de VPS ou serveur physique.
  • Gestion DNS.
  • Adresses emails (MX Records).
  • Système de paiement en ligne.
  • Sécurité.


  • Nginx, Apache
  • NodeJS, PHP, Go, C/C++, C#
  • Firebase, MySQL, MangoDB, RethinkDB
  • JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS/LESS/SASS
  • ReactJS, Polymer, WebComponents
  • VIM/Visual Code, GIT, Make
  • Babun, Bash on Windows, Cygwin, XTerm, MSYS/MINGW/Cmder, Putty
  • Debian, Archlinux/Ubuntu with I3WM, Windows
  • JQuery, HighCharts, D3JS, YLCharts, …
  • 💖 Unity 3D, RaspberryPi
  •  ASM, Visual Studio, QT

Exemple: [PHP] [PHP] [JS] [JS]


  1. Hi,

    I love your dota 2 timers! May I suggest a simple and small upgrade?

    You could add a « Pause » button, so when the game is paused user can also pause the timers.

    Keep up the good work.


      1. Hi, I like the timer features – but unfortunately the pause button only causes the game timer and not such as rosh or ward timers. That makes the pause button kind of useless for now, woulda been cool if that could be fixed – thanks in advance! 🙂

        1. Ok I’ll take a look. Thanks for the feedback.

          Actually, it’s a bug that I didn’t noticed. I’ll fix it as soon as possible. And I’ll add a « Pause » button per

  2. Hi there — Thanks for the Dota Timer!
    Can you update it for Dota 7.0?

    Runes are now two different categories: Powerup Runes (Haste, Double Damage, etc.) and Bounty Runes.
    Bounty Runes are no longer located in the River.
    Powerup Rune spawns now occur at only one river location at a time.
    Each of the four jungles now spawns a Bounty Rune every 2 minutes.

    Neutrals spawn time from 0:30/1/2/3/4/etc. to 0:30/1/3/5/7/etc.

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