Trust GXT 340 Headset: Fixing sound and microphone

Two months earlier, I was very happy to replace my headset. I was searching for a cheap headset for gaming. I bought the GXT 340 which is an average material.

GXT 340 Trust Headset
GXT 340 Trust Headset

Even if not a big fan of installing software, I decided to give it a try. I installed the « Trust GXT Gaming Headset » application that was delivered with the package.

Since I didn’t noticed a big difference, I uninstalled it. Nobody, really noticed the difference on Teamspeak too. Well some were saying that my sound was very low. But I believe that it wasn’t related to the headset or my settings (specially because others could hear me well).

On my last streamed content, I figured that my sound wasn’t very good. The quality, a bit of background noise, a small blank noise sound, …
Also, in my mind it was difficult to distinguish who’s speaking on TeamSpeak when 2 to 3 people were talking.

First, I tried to fix this through OBS (the software used to stream) to have a good stream quality, then teamspeak, then windows.
Things became weird. Actually, in a lapse of 1 hour I was talking to myself saying that this headset is pretty bad… Yes, I realized it two months after buying it.

I took my phone with my normal headphone and started to compare the quality of musics. Well my phone/headphone was really better than the headset.

Hence, I came back on my decision and decided to give a second change to the software. I’m now impressed and I can clearly see the difference while listening music, talking to people on TeamSpeak/Skype and listening to them.

Also, pluging the headset into the back USB PORT and swapping from USB 3.0 to USB 1.0 or 2.0 removed the noise. This might be related to my computer.

At eternam link GXT 340 Trust Headset drive: driver-gxt-340-win10x64


    1. Sorry you’re not giving enough information about your problem. On my side, I decided to leave this headphone for a Logitech. I was lucky since the shop where I bought it, cashed me back. I really thing that the GXT 340 is bad !!

      1. That’s a Windows feature. By default, it lowers sounds from other sources when you are in a call, e.g. in Skype. Try tweaking the sound settings.

  1. After reading so many good reviews on this headset i also got one, reviews like excellent for streaming etc.
    My microphone was awful, friends described it as if i was covering it with my hand.
    Do you recommend an alternative headset?

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